De enkelte medlemslande er meget forskellige, både fagligt og hvad angår måden, vi udtrykker vores tro på. Hilsenen fra vores europæiske leder afspejler lidt af bredden i diversiteten. 


For NCF Presidents, Secretaries, European Committee members, and individual members, please forward my letter to members in your country

Dear Christian nurses from different parts of Europe.

We are finishing a year, somewhat better than the previous one, as we can have vaccines, but still with the overload that as health professionals we have been dragging for two years.

Still we can say that up to now God has helped us, “Eben Ezer”.1 SAMUEL 7:12.  God remains the same and his love floods us every day.

I encourage you to persevere and move forward as ambassadors of the King of kings, bringing hope to those close to us and praying for those near and far, being one in Christ our Savior and King.

To Him be the glory always with what we do and work as for Him.

With all my affection and my best wishes for your grace and peace for 2022

Rosa López

Chair of the European Region

Give all your worries and cares to God, for he cares about you.

1 Peter 5: 7